The boiling pan that gives you even more flexibility


The boiling pan that gives you even more flexibility.

  • for high production volumes
  • as single or double variant
  • with integrated water inlet

Special features

The OPTIMAL boiling pan boasts an integrated water inlet through direct connection of the unit to the existing water-supply line.

Holding, cooking, frying – for high requirements and volumes. OPTIMAL makes it possible.

The OPTIMAL boiling pan is heated electrically, via either conventional electric heating or thermal oil. Gas and steam heating are also available as options. The boiler is equipped with a microprocessor control unit, which allows for setting the temperature to the degree. The microprocessor control unit additionally makes it possible to determine the starting, preset and operating time to the minute. The boiler lids come fully insulated as standard. All outside surfaces are also equipped with strong insulation to protect them reliably against loss of heat.

OPTIMAL – Single variant

The OPTIMAL boiling pan is available with capacities ranging from 200 to 1000 l. The unit can optionally be equipped with a 1½" or 2"stainless steel drain cock.

OPTIMAL - Multiple combinations

The OPTIMAL boiling pan is also available in multiple combinations. For example, two OPTIMAL-200 boilers can be combined in one unit. A combination of boiler and cooling pan, e.g. an OPTIMAL-200 combined with a KB-150, can also be implemented.

Heating type

As standard, the OPTIMAL boiling pan is heated via either direct electric heating or a glycerine bath. Depending on your wishes and the local conditions, the unit can also be heated with propane gas, natural gas, low-pressure steam, high-pressure steam and even coal or charcoal.

Customised solutions

Schwan Apparatebau manufactures every unit exactly to your specifications. Our highly qualified staff develop the perfect solution for any requirement. As usual, in first-rate quality – made in Germany.

Model Capacity (l) Outside dimensions Connected load (kW) Connected load (kW)
    (WxDxH in mm) Direct electric Electric via thermal oil
OPTIMAL-200 200 850 x 1200 x 920 12 12
OPTIMAL-300 300 1150 x 1200 x 920 18 18
OPTIMAL-400 400 1450 x 1200 x 920 24 24
OPTIMAL-500 500 1750 x 1200 x 920 30 30
OPTIMAL-600 600 2050 x 1200 x 920 36 36
OPTIMAL-750 750 2050 x 1300 x 920 42 42
OPTIMAL-1000 1000 2450 x 1300 x 920 60 60

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