The compact boiling pan that gives you plenty of flexibility.


The compact boiling pan that gives you plenty of flexibility.

  • requires little space
  • digital temperature control
  • waterproof control unit

Special features

The MIKE boiling pan is available in single or double variants (e.g. also as a combined cooking / cooling unit). Because of its low installation depth of 80 cm, this series is particularly suited for kitchens with confined space.

Holding, cooking, frying – the choice is yours. MIKE does it all.

The compact MIKE boiling pan is heated either directly via air or via a glycerine bath. With heating via a glycerine bath, the food in the boiling pan cannot get burnt. The optionally available infinitely adjustable control of the oil bath temperature by means of a thermostat makes it possible to freely select and set the temperature between 50°C and 180°C. The temperature in the boiler itself can be adjusted infinitely to the degree by means of a digital, computer-operated temperature controller. The microprocessor control unit makes it possible to determine the starting, preset and operating time to the minute.


MIKE - Single variant

The MIKE boiling pan is available with capacities ranging from 100, 150, 200 to 250 l.

MIKE - Multiple combinations

The MIKE boiling pan is also available in multiple combinations. For example, two MIKE-200 boilers can be combined in one unit. A combination of boiler and cooling pan, e.g. a MIKE-200 combined with a KB-150, can also be implemented.

Heating types

As standard, the MIKE boiling pan is heated via either direct electric heating or a glycerine bath. Depending on your wishes and the local conditions, the unit can also be heated with low-pressure steam and high-pressure steam.

Customised solutions

Schwan Apparatebau manufactures every unit exactly to your specifications. Our highly qualified staff develop the perfect solution for any requirement. As usual, in first-rate quality – made in Germany.


Model Capacity Outside dimensions Inside dimensions Connected load (kW) Connected load (kW)
  (l) (WxDxH in mm) (WxDxH in mm) direct electric electric via thermal oil
MIKE-100 100 560x 800x 920 400x 560x 450 6 6
MIKE-150 150 760 x 800 x 920 600 x 560 x 450 9,6 9
MIKE-200 200 960 x 800 x 920 800 x 560 x 450 12 12
MIKE-250 250 1160 x 800 x 920 1000 x 560 x 450 14,4 15

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