Meat loaf oven

Meat loaf oven BO-8

Roasting and baking – always perfectly done to a turn.

  • available in various versions
  • for 8 to 24 baking tins

Special features

The BO has a modular design and can thus also be used as a special oven for roasting suckling pig.

The meat loaf baking unit for satisfying results.

The BO is a stainless steel oven without air circulation with separately adjustable top and bottom heat. It is equipped with high-performance heating elements for individually adjustable temperatures between 50°C and 300°C. The BO can optionally be fitted with a P3 control unit, which is built in including a PT100 penetration probe for core temperature measurement. It additionally features an acoustic signal transmitter.



For up to 8 meat loaf baking tins.


For up to 16 meat loaf baking tins.


For up to 24 meat loaf baking tins.


Model Capacity Filling capacity Outside dimensions Temperature range
      (WxDxH in mm) incl. feet  
 BO-8  120 l  8 Stck. Fleischkäsformen  850 x 870 x 800  50...+300 °C
 BO-16/P3  2 x 120 l  16 Stck. Fleischkäsformen  850 x 870 x 1200  50...+300 °C
 BO-24/P3  3 x 120 l  24 Stck. Fleischkäsformen  850 x 870 x 1600  50...+300 °C

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